Friday, April 13, 2007

Ipod, therefore I am... the soundtrack of your life...

Hi all,

Yes, I know it's been remis of me for the past 3 months or so, but, here I am. and again, I apologise, it's new keyboard, and I can't handle macs!

But, i digress...

Maverick, of recent note, has purchased for himself an 80G Ipod. I'm not even sure they exist, but I'm talking about the mac-daddies of all ipods, the big fuck off, I mean business ones. This mother holds about 50000 songs or something. All of this is fine you understand, however, Maverick, wants this puppy to support his episodes of Transformers (yes, the 80s cartoons) and episodes of "Boston Legal". What the fuck is he going to do with the other 10000 songs?!!!....

I, in the meantime, have recently discovered (yes, I realise I'm a little slow on the uptake...) the beautilful benefits of a shared file network system. Which means I have a a whole new library of songs, albums and rare out-takes avalaible to me. I feel like a kid in a lolly shop- unable to decide what will be the most sumptuous, suctuous lolly to enjoy ( the one that will provide the most enjoyment over the longest amount of time (Do I go a flash in the pan like Beyonce - juicy and sweet, or something like Midnight Oil- tart and unpleasant to begin with, but better in the long run?)- (When you only have a 2gb, it is precious booty, I can tell you!)

Despite all this, it has me thinking about the soundtrack to my life. What are your songs? Where or how do you begin to define them?

I'd like to thin that my little 2Gb is the soundtrack to my life- yes it's cliched, I know, but humour me for a bit!

So- here goes and I'm sure I could expand so much further...

= Bruce Springstein- " I'm on fire"- memories of dancing around the loungeroom with my dad!
= Bonnie Tyler- "Total Eclipse of the Heart" the first ep I ever owned. Damn you B.R for breaking it!! ( I was 6 at the time!)
= The Bangles (Still a favourite, my dream is to create a Bangles coverband called "The Spangles"!) best songs include "In your room", "I'll set you free" and "If she knew what she wants".


God, how do you define an adolescence through music? That's what defined it for me. However- if I had to choose just a few songs (if it was a matter of life or death...) here's the ones I listened to the most...
= "Yellow ledbetter" - Pearl Jam (heard it live on the daugher single, loved it ever since...)
= "Redemption Song"- Bob marley (peaceful beauty)
= "The Rivers"- died Pretty (beautiful song)
- God, there's so many more from this time- U2, Nirvana, Blind Melon, STP, Bjork, i could go on and I don't thin I'm doing this justice...

Young adulthood...

= Oh, I was an angry young thing here---

- P.J Harvey - her whole album "Stories from the city, stories from the sea"
- Sinead O'Connor- "Faith and Courage"
- Natalie Merchant- her live CD
- Dave Matthews Band- although, they've been a constant since 1995


i'm not sure, there's too much and yet, not enough!!!
Now, I'm proud to say that there's not one type of music that defines who I am, or who I choose to be, but that I choose to enjoy a whole range of music., and I'll choose each piece to suit my mood.

So, for me, these are my song picks for every mood...

- to cry- "A day without rain" = enya, or. " the quiet art of standing still" wendy matthews
- to lust after- "Wicked game"- Chris Isaack or "Mysterious Ways", U2
- to yearn for (there is a difference you know!)- "Tonight let's be lovers"- Dave Matthews Band
- To fuck to "Sex type thing"- stone temple pilots or "Animal" 9 inch nails
- to smile to (and laugh at!)- ""We don't play guitars"- chicks on speed, or "Hey Ya" by Outkast, or "Yo Mamma" by Butterfingers
- to get sadly wistful to- "these days"- powderfinger
- To feel grateful to- "Food in our belly"- xavier rudd or "Shiny Happy people"- REM

I could go on and on in sharing my ipod collection. I'm happy with it so far, and I'd like to continue adding to my memory bank of songs and emotions.

Please, share yours.. what are your songs and memories? why?